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Fly offers a complete service to the customer: from planning to delivery till the installation of the products.





The stages of planning begin before any implementation of a plan: it is first necessary to define the characteristics required for the area, primarily on the basis of information relating to those who will use the area most. Small areas or large areas, kindergartens or schools, in the countryside or near the shopping centers? Will be used by babies accompanied by adults or children who are already accustomed to move independently? Fly has the answer to each of these questions, and thanks to its technical resources is able to offer its customers target solutions to meet their specific needs, from the measurement with the draft plan prepared by an expert in the field, then with the various phases of construction coordinated and planned to give a “turnkey” ready for use with certification of the product used.





All items are designed and manufactured according to the general safety standards and with particular attention to the quality of materials and finishes, all this without forgetting all the design elements that give a voice with a contemporary and essential style typical of the MADE IN ITALY: benches , litter bins, bicycle racks, shelters, playgrounds and more.





All our products come with assembly instructions to simplify as much as possible the fases of installation and assembly, even for those who have no practical experience. If the customer requires it, Fly also has a turnkey service with customized solutions that include installation and assembly by experts with years of experience in Italy and abroad. If you are interested in this service, please request an offer and we will send executive project and cost of the operation.

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